Aircraft and Rates

Our Fleet

N204SG "Grumpy"

2005 Diamond DA40 XLS

N226PA "Pretty Penny"

2010 Diamond DA40 XLS


Purchased in 2021, includes:

o   Choice of Cessna 182 or Cessna 172 performance

o   Choice of fixed gear or retractable

o   Choice of fixed pitch prop or constant speed prop

o   Location of origin

o   Weather at origin

Instrument rated pilots can use the simulator to maintain IFR currency with or without an instructor. You need to download a copy of the FAA Letter of Agreement (LOA) to keep with your logbook.

Your first simulator session must be with an Odyssey instructor for checkout purposes. Subsequent simulator sessions can be on your own or with the instructor of your choice.

We Maintain Our Fleet!

Aircraft maintenance is done by FAA licensed service stations and FAA Aircraft & PowerPlant (A&P) and Avionics technicians. 

Odyssey uses:

Aircraft owners have the freedom to choose their own service facilities.