Flight Instruction

Want to Start Flying or Advance Your Skills?

Odyssey has certified these flight instructors to offer training and checkouts using Odyssey aircraft for our members. Services include VFR and IFR checkouts, instrument training, and commercial training.

For those who want to learn to fly, our partners, Executive Flight Training here at Raleigh Executive Airport (TTA) will get you started and help you earn your private pilot certificate. You will be well on your way to an awesome and fulfilling hobby! Be sure to check them out!

Odyssey Instructors

Jan Squillace, CFI/CFII

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Phone: 919-551-5002


Has over 1,000 hours over 10 years in Diamond DA40s. She can help you get familiar with the new look of aviation instruments and flying in VFR or IFR conditions.

  • Experience with Cirrus and Cessna models

Philipp Ringler, CFI/CFII/MEI

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Phone: 919-888-7016


Philipp started flying in 2013 and has since flown over 30 types of aircraft, from the Cessna 150 to Lancairs and Beechcrafts. He earned his instrument instructor rating on a DA40 and has loved flying that type ever since. As an instructor, he has worked in Germany and the US, and taught people to fly on instruments both glass and steam. A software engineer by trade, he's ready to help you master all the new technology that's in a modern airplane like our DA40.

Mark Kolber, CFI/CFII

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Like many who fly for personal business or pleasure, Mark Kolber came to aviation later in life. Mark had been interested in flying since childhood, but his first three lessons were a birthday gift from his wife, hoping to get the desire out of his system. She claims she hasn’t seen him since. Thirty years later, Mark is a single-engine commercial pilot and CFI/CFII. He focused early on pilots coming to flying in mid-life as he did and provided many hours of mountain flight instruction during his 20 years in Colorado. Now primarily involved in transition and recurrent training, Mark also brings the perspective of an attorney who has represented pilots, mechanics and businesses in FAA enforcement and other aviation-related matters. He speaks to both legal and pilot groups, is a regular contributor to IFR Magazine, and is a member of the Pilot Workshops IFR Mastery team.